Anxious? Italian Doc “Prescribes” Sex

A young woman in the throes of anxiety was prescribed sex to calm down, Italian media reported.

The unusual cure was handed out at Genoa hospital Villa Scassi by a male doctor, according to daily Corriere della Sera, after giving the nail-biting patient a full check-up.

“Have sex twice a week, but not more than that,” he reportedly wrote from his prescription pad, noting that she was in an “evident state of anxiety.”

No word on whether what was causing her perturbation wasn’t frequent enough sex — most Italians seem to be having quite a lot — but decent sex.

3 thoughts on “Anxious? Italian Doc “Prescribes” Sex

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  2. The whole thing was just a hoax. The woman is a serious case of psychological problems and all the newspapers that published the news of this “prescription” had to publish an appology to the woman, the doctor and the hospital…

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