La Dolce Vita: Capri in a video game

AnacapriIf you can’t jet to the idyllic Italian island of Capri soon, you can always play the video game.
That’s the idea, at least, behind forthcoming computer game “Anacapri: The Dream.”
Players take on the tired-sounding role of an Indiana Jones-type expert who must search for an ancient artifact and save the village best known to tourists as the more affordable part of the glam island.
The real draw? If you’ve ever had that Fellini-esque feeling of being surrounded by a colorful cast of extras while visiting Italy, you’re in for a treat. Aiding or thwarting your quest are real locals, historical figures (perhaps Debussy?) plus some 8,000 awww-inducing actual images of the island.
Check out the trailer here.

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