Italians Curb Kids with Electronic Bracelets

by Nicole Martinelli
posted Thu 12 June 11:36 am

Joining the chorus of cell phones animating Italian beaches this year will be warning bells from a kiddy safety device that works like an electronic bracelet for criminals.
In an effort to restore some peace to the burning sand, use of the electronic ‘restraining’ device has been promoted by the local government in Rimini, the Bel Paese’s family beach haven.

Why Italy? Indulgent mamme make for some incredibly bratty children — a recent poll of 2,500 travel-industry professionals voted Italian kids the most obnoxious and unruly in the EU. In a country where, according to UNICEF, only 50% of parents reprimand their kids, the ‘crimes’ committed by bambini on holiday range from running and shouting on airplanes, playing in elevators and generally wreaking havoc.

“Safe Kid” (perhaps better named tamed kid?) will be used to keep under control the 500,000 visitors under age 10 expected to vacation this year on the 110 kilometers of the Emilia Romagna coast. Parents can set the distance kids are allowed wander from 15-50 meters before the warning bell sounds.

Beghelli, local leader in “Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” gizmos, created the devices. The unbreakable, waterproof wrist band and receiver combo sell for around 85-95 euro, but the many private beaches are offering them free to families after a promotional campaign backed up by the local tourist board. The Safe Kid program debuted shortly before Italian mothers banded together for a week of fun in the area at the second annual ‘mamma convention.1999-2007

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