Italians Launch Nepotism: the Game Show

A new game show centers on what could arguably be one of the Italy’s worst faults: nepotism.
“I Raccomandati” (Recommended People) where celebrities root for friends or family members trying to make it into show business, made a strong debut on Italian state broadcaster RAI.
The TV show premiered the same week yet another Italian scientist fled abroad citing ‘rampant nepotism.’ The resulting brain drain has become a ‘national crisis’ said President Ciampi who tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the scientist in question from transferring his expertise elsewhere.
The first episode featured politician Ignazio La Russa promoting a comedian friend, singer Tosca d’Aquino trying to get her mother into the spotlight and showgirl Adriana Volpe with a cousin who does celebrity imitations. Admittedly, even the show’s writer says he received a ‘little push’ from TV host brother-in-law Alberto Castagna to get on board.
Celebs make a case for performers, then viewers vote the winners who, in addition to the prime-time publicity, snag a vacation.

Italians, apparently, don’t mind the entertainment version of this age-old system — ratings for ‘I Raccomandati’ were good, the show came in second after a prime-time movie but beat out the Milan-Chievo soccer game — garnering over six million viewers. .?1999-2008

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