Mafia Kids Set up Shop, Advertise on Internet

Two children of jailed Mafia boss Toto’ Riina have opened up shop and advertise on the web. Agrimar, which specializes in farm machinery, took out a banner on the town of Corleone’s home page. Maria Concetta Riina and her brother, Giuseppe Salvatore (called “Salvo”), are described as “highly-qualified staff” on the site. In business for about a year, the venture sounds like any other new-economy outfit: “a dynamic, cutting-edge approach” “average staff age 23” “free consultations…” Maria Concetta may have steered clear from the other family business though her relationship with Tony Ciavarello, suspected of Mafia ties and a partner in Agrimar, has raised doubts. “The image of Corleone is changing thanks to enterprising young people,” remarked mayor Giuseppe Cipriani, who gave permission for the banner on the city’s home page. “Before tourists expected to find women dressed in black, men with sawed-off shotguns. It’s not that way–thanks to these young people, there’s a bit of bustle, nightlife.” Salvatore “Tot?” Riina is trying to appeal a life sentence. He’s serving time for the 1993 bombings of the Uffizi, which killed five and injured 29, as well as the car bombings that same year in Milan and Rome. 1999-2004

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