Outdoor Amore? Italians Say “Si”

Luna ParkingDespite protests, Italy’s first paid parking lot of love is open for business.

Luna Parking, in Bagnolo Cremasco about 25 miles southeast of Milan, lies on a state road known for a florid prostitution business and vicinity to night clubs.

It’s the latest in a series of al fresco havens for Italian lovers, many of whom stay at home well into their 30s. The first one opened back in 2003 in Leonardo’s birthplace, Vinci, as a free, well-lit place for nookie set up by the local government.The market is hot and heavy — outdoor passion in Italy can be risky business in more ways than one — but the idea has never caught on because Catholic officials protest vociferously every time someone tries to open one.

An entrepreneur was set to launch a lover’s lane complete with privacy stalls Valentine’s day 2007, but authorities shut him down over nebulous “building code issues” before anyone could even neck in a Lancia there.

This latest effort is by far is the most expensive and elaborate variation on the theme. It costs €10 (about $14.50) for 90 minutes in a private covered box — enough time to perfect maneuvers around the gear shift for most — plus there are bathrooms and even snack machines.

A group of locals, who were unable to prevent the contested grand opening, spent the last night of 2007 in a prayer vigil “to redress the damages of the sex trade.”

4 thoughts on “Outdoor Amore? Italians Say “Si”

  1. Although my years of automobile nookie are long gone, I would have appreciated this convenience. Thanks to the residents for the ineffience of their prayers. Those priests don’t need this they have their own places.


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