Super-sized Memento Mori in Milan

A skeleton nearly 80 feet long reminds tourists and passersby of their mortality as they snap pictures of the Duomo or eat gelato.

The installation is part of the city’s art fair, MiArt; the leg bone is connected to the hip bone in the courtyard of Palazzo Reale.

Artist Gino De Dominicis, obsessed with his own mortality, created this work called “Cosmic Magnet” (Calamita Cosmica) in 1988. Ten years later, he died at age 51 on April Fool’s Day.

The skeleton has what looks like a giant knitting needle piercing the right hand, meant to represent meetng point of cosmic energy and the human element.

Made out of polystyrene, them bones weigh in at eight tons.

After it is dismembered in Milan May 1, the macabre reminder will be haunting cities around Europe including Hamburg, Brussels and Paris.

3 thoughts on “Super-sized Memento Mori in Milan

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  3. Saw the skeleton in Milan just 2 weeks ago. It is absolutely fantastic. The detail for something so large was excellent. I didn’t have a great chance to look more closely as the area was packed with tourists. I’m am so glad I saw and took photos of it. A little bit of history I feel!

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