That’s amore: Italy’s favorite word

Five small letters are all you need, according to a poll on the favorite words of Italians. “Amore” or love ranked ranked top for 22% of Bel Paese residents, nearly three times as popular as “mamma” followed by “pace” (peace) and “libertà” (freedom). Full results of the poll from think-tank Eurisko, commissioned by the Dante Aligheri society, have not yet been released.

2 thoughts on “That’s amore: Italy’s favorite word

  1. Amor is the Latin word for “love.” Amor was the son of Venus. He was born from a golden egg. He was a small person with wings. Amor carried around a bow and some arrows. He would shoot the arrow at a victim and once it struck the victim’s heart, the victim would fall in love. Amor is used as a synonym for the Roman god, Cupid.

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