TV Priest Favorite for Italian Women

“He would understand me in a way my husband never could,” commented one female viewer. Don Giovanni D’Ercole, a priest who reads the Gospel on state broadcaster RAI’s morning magazine (Raiuno Mattina), was voted the “most trustworthy” man on Italian television. D’ercole, who bears a vague resemblance to Richard Chamberlain of “Thornbirds” fame, beat out noted doctors, presenters and journalists. The results were a “surprise” to ad agency BRW & Partners, which conducted the focus group of 978 women between 25-55 to find which current male stars appeal most to female audiences.The recent trend of TV dramas which feature handsome, heroic priests must have had some influence–the runner-up was actor Massimo Dapporto, who recently played priest Don Marco in the series “Casa Famiglia.”Copy & Paste for Dapporto, a dashing man of the cloth who conducts biblical archeology, on a scooter.

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  1. I had the priviledge of having dinner with Don Giovanni last summer and it was truly a great experience. He is a captivating man and a true gentleman. It is nice to see that a priest is getting this kind of recognition, although I am sure it is not important to the man himself.

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