Color Milan Beautiful

Milan galleriaGrey, foggy Milan is about to get a lift with a new city color scheme.
Working with architecture professors from the Politecnico University, officials developed a “color plan for urban decor” in a palette that includes red and yellow.
These primary colors would mean an extreme makeover for light poles, clocks, trash cans and benches painted grey, black and kelly green respectively.

“Color lends identity to a place, gives it life,” said Deputy mayor Riccardo De Corato in a press release. The historic centre is the main target for the spruce up, including Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Scala and the pedestrian zone that runs from Piazza Duomo to the Castello Sforzesco.
Hopes are that the color scheme will serve as a guideline for the new administration coming in after May elections. If nothing else, the project’s database, which catalogues colors currently in use, would avoid the fashion faux pas of clashing colors for future paint jobs in Italy’s most stylish city.

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