Miss Digital: Italian Takes Honors

Black Eve has all her pixels in the right place. This virtual Italian beauty, with cropped hair and cyberarms, was recently crowned Miss Digital.

Her hobbies? Forget volunteering at the hospital and ballet: Eve is into martial arts, quantum computing and videogames.

A jury of three experts and some 30,000 fans chose Eve over runner-up Kyra, a Lara Croft lookalike. Her creator, artist Mario Calamita, takes home €5,000 and various sponsorships. The digital babes are also available in a calendar.

The third edition of Miss Digital featured contestants — many of them designed by women — from Germany, Australia, Israel, Canda, the U.S, Poland and Norway.

Miss Digital may be the only contest where violet-haired beauties like Kat, created by American Brian Doty, compete with Barbie-like confections like Karina from Puerto Rico.

Every age has an ideal beauty: from the Venus de Milo to the Mona Lisa to Marilyn Monroe, said organizer Franz Cerami in a statement. For Cerami, Miss Digital is a search for contemporary beauty and represented through virtual reality.
One thing is certain: she won’t risk losing her scepter and sash for wild behavior.

Image courtesy Miss Digital World.

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