Sign Your Name on Juliet’s Terrace in Verona

Juliet\'s terrace

Two million romantics flock to see Romeo and Juliet’s balcony every year in Verona.
Unfortunately, many of them also carve their names or scribble hearts on the monument, making it more of a tourist trap than attraction.

To stop love-struck tourists from ruining the building, managers of theater Teatro Stabile, who own the famous balcony, came up with the idea of “lovestones.”

For €100 (about $135) lovebirds have a their names (plus short message and date) carved in laser on marble tiles on a terrace below the balcony. You also get a certificate with a map and can also request copies of the tile, for €35 (about $45).

There are some 60,000 lovestones available, organizers assure that someone will be on hand to help you find yours, should you come to Verona to see it.

Love may not be eternal, but these these lovestones will last indefinitely. Or at least until the natural abrasion erodes the marble surface.

Purchase of the tiles will help modernize the 1846 theater.

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