Venice Gondoliers Sing: “Vote for Obama”

Set to the tune of “Volare,” gondoliers in Venice stump for Obama.

Obama, oh oh, Joe Biden Vice President.

Only in Italian accents does the word “can” sort of rhyme with “president” (presidennn).
Very catchy. Who thought such a romantic backdrop could deliver a political punch.

Via iReport

9 thoughts on “Venice Gondoliers Sing: “Vote for Obama”

  1. super cool scenery
    dont have a clue what they are singing for
    this country is in big trouble either way this goes
    but obama is not the answer
    horrible voices also
    love italians and know many who are voting for mccain thank goodness !!!!!
    this must be a lefty website !!!!

  2. Kerry — if you can find gondoliers, or anyone in Italy, singing or promoting McCain, I’ll be happy to post it.

  3. Amazing how the rest of the world knows that Obama will at least be a START in the right direction after 8 years of disastrous policy. In all my travels, even to the middle of nowhere Africa, people ask me why the heck we voted Bush in for a second time–I pray the rest of the world doesn’t have another opportunity to laugh at us.

  4. BRAVO!
    It’s great to see my people know what’s going on, even on the other side of the globe!!!
    Viva Italia!

    Obama for Peace 2008

  5. I’m italian

    Berlusconi is not my president!

    I would like to have an Obama in Italy!! Go Obama!

    Yes you (americans) can. We don’t ( 🙁 )

  6. Bravo!Venetian Italians are caring and thoughtful in this way all towards America. Hope they appreciate. Arriverdeci.

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