Italian men get domestic

Italian stallions are now happily giving a hand around the house, according to a recent poll.
Some 66% percent of Italian men are “precise” and “accurate” in the chores they do and 44% of men say they are willing to split the chores with their partners, according to a survey by Procter & Gamble and Astra research.

Men in the Bel Paese have traditionally preferred resting on the couch to picking up the duster; a poll just two years ago said that just 21% of them helped with household chores.

They are more likely to help out (52%) when the couple has kids. (Italian women, especially working moms, often put the brakes on more bambini precisely because of the lack of help.)

What are they helping out with? The dishwasher, a fairly recent arrival in many Italian houses, is the realm of 68% of these handy men.

The national house husband association, which runs courses in domestic science for men, should be proud.

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