Italian Stallions Plagued By Size, Performance Anxiety

After receiving an avalanche of interest, Italian doctors repeated an initiative to help macho men in crisis.

Last year’s free hot line and website aimed at helping Latin lovers do their thing “without worries” received an unexpected 15,000 calls and a million web page views in a month.

Italian stallions evidently aren’t so hot to trot as tourist legend would have it.

Young Latin lovers from Southern Italy — where the climate is hot and even the food is considered “natural viagra” — are especially “worried, fragile and anxious” when it comes to sexual performance.

Well, they must have had an inkling something was amiss between the sheets: the initiative set up by the national association of andrology (SIA) was titled “amare senza pensieri” (love without worries).

Most frequent nagging questions? Duration, performance and size. Some 42.3% of the inquiries were from Southern Italy and just 11.4% from Northern Italy.

Although Giammusso said the size issue is often unjustified (one wonders if there were tape measures involved in the fretful phone calls) he does note that callers exhibited a lack of adequate sex education and the wrong role models.

Who knew that Fabios ever felt less than fabulous? By other measuring sticks, Italian men certainly sound satisfied.

If this crisis of confidence is really so widespread, it may be time to update the guidebooks.

Image used with a CC license, thanks to risager.

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