Italians Pray for New Religious Design

Baptismal Font -- VigolenoAn international design competition aimed at religious objects has extended the deadline until April 4 in hopes of getting more entries.

Called “deisign” (God-sign), promoted by the diocese of Cuneo and part of Torino’s year-long stint as World Design Capital, the competition aims to enhance and promote all spiritual, cultural, historical and emotional expressions of holy Catholic symbols.

The Torino Design Capital site says winning entries will demonstrate “a careful eye on the past for the forms of religious art over the centuries converses with the future and with other cultures through the present, involving contemporary expression.”

So nudge yourself beyond the bad English on the official site (“similarly a papery or cd-rom or dvd-rom will be predisposed for every elaborate”) and get cracking with those chalices, baptismal fonts, robes and crucifixes.

Prizes are mentioned — but sans details — as is a public show. Of course, eternal rewards are a given.

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