Italian Museum Puts Feces on Show

Trento Museum Exhbits ShitPossibly the only thing more off-putting than an exhibit dedicated to shit is an interactive exhibit dedicated to shit.

Excrement is at the center of a show at the Museum of Natural History in Trento called “La Cacca, History of the Unmentionable” on until March 28.

“We’re using shit from the animal world to teach kids about ecology,” said museum director Michele Lanzinger. “Our intent was to and to teach about their digestive processes, looking into the differences in species, lifestyle and diet and possible alternative uses for organic waste.”

A part of the exhibit, curated by zoologist Osvaldo Negra, features animal feces with signs encouraging visitors to guess from which beast it came from.

Kids aged 4-12 get guided tours geared to their age level, visits also feature a “shit treasure hunt” and snack featuring chocolate goodies.

Milan’s mercurial culture councilor Vittorio Sgarbi had threatened to put on a shit show — instead we’ve got some nude photo exhibits to stir up controversy – interesting that Trento had to courage to it.

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