Italy Transport Strike: Where’s the Pasta?

supermarket strike 2Truck drivers demanding government subsidies to meet rising fuel costs mean closed gas stations and empty shelves in pharmacies and grocery stores across Italy.

Strikers are vowing not to hit the roads again until December 14, but three days into the protest, my local supermarket in Milan already looks like the scene of wartime famine: there was no fresh fruit or vegetables and only a few half pints of milk left.

Strikes in Italy are a frequent nuisance but generally polite — sure, you may have to re-arrange a few appointments or leave work early but you’re still going to be able to get on with it.

supermarket strike

But as Bloomberg reports, things are different this time around:
The strike will cost food producers 200 million euros ($294 million) a day because of delays in the delivery of milk, fruit, vegetables and meat, according to the Italian agricultural association. Pharmacists warned yesterday that they may run out of medicine.

Touch Italians and food, though, and things suddenly become serious.

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