Web Wise Aug. 20- 27

Italian practice: interactive quizzes • Cool Italian dishes for Hot Weather • Italian MP3s: resource guide • Scholarships for online Italian course

Italian practice: interactive quizzes
Test your vocabulary with these interactive quizzes aimed at kids: choose from categories like animals, the human body, the universe etc.

Cool Italian dishes for Hot Weather
Expand your repertoire of Italian cooking with these offbeat summer recipes from this eclectic site…Choose from vegetarian, sea, country or city as well as gourmet and happy hour dishes…

Italian MP3s: resource guide
Listen to the latest or old favorites with these sites…

Vast selection of Italian music, broken into categories by type…Ranges from traditional Neapolitan ballads to Reggae.

The homepage has the most downloaded MP3s — a few Italians among the international hits..

Scroll down to music download for a selection of new Italian bands in different musical styles…

Large selection of Italian pop music..

The best in dumb/satirical music…

Scholarships for online Italian course
The Aug. 31 deadline is nearing for scholarships for this online Italian course sponsored by the Consortium of Italian Universities, ICON. Nearing because the administration will be closed from Aug. 3-18. We’ve included the entire press release below for more information…


il Consorzio ICoN bandisce 15 borse di studio annuali per immatricolarsi al Corso di laurea in Lingua e cultura italiana per l‚anno accademico 2002-2003. Le borse sono riservate a cittadini stranieri e italiani residenti in:
Africa (tutti i Paesi);
America Latina (tutti i Paesi);
Asia (Cina, India);
Europa Centrale e Orientale (Albania, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Bulgaria, Croazia, Macedonia, Polonia, Repubblica Ceca, Repubblica Slovacca, Repubblica Federale Yugoslava, Romania, Slovenia, Ungheria).
Ogni borsa di studio da’ diritto ad immatricolarsi al primo anno del Corso di laurea con tutorato, fruire di tutti i servizi didattici on line, partecipare alla comunita’ virtuale e sostenere le prove d‚esame, a titolo completamente gratuito, per un anno accademico (10 settembre 2002 – 30 agosto 2003).
Per poter richiedere una borsa di studio occorre:
– risiedere nei Paesi elencati;
– essere di nazionalità non italiana, oppure essere cittadini italiani residenti all‚estero;
– possedere un titolo di studio che dia diritto a iscriversi all‚universita’ italiana (12 anni di studio complessivi);
– possedere una buona conoscenza della lingua italiana, da verificare con il test di lingua presente sul sito (il punteggio minimo per essere ammessi è 80/120);
– non essere iscritti ad altre universita‚ italiane.
Le domande di partecipazione, attestanti i requisiti di cui sopra, vanno presentate attraverso il sito www.italicon.it a partire dal 31 luglio e fino al 31 agosto 2002.
Informazioni dettagliate sulla struttura del corso sono disponibili nella sezione Laurea del sito ICoN:
Per un panorama dell’offerta didattica e delle modalita’ di frequenza e’ invece disponibile la visita guidata:

Per ogni richiesta e’ possibile contattare la nostra Segreteria didattica:
e-mail segrdidattica@italicon.it
telefono +39 050 2212 690
fax +39 050 2212 697
Attenzione! Il Consorzio ICoN rimarrà chiuso dal 3 al 18 agosto. Durante questo periodo non sarà fornita assistenza telefonica; alle richieste inviate per posta elettronica sarà data risposta a partire dal 19 agosto.

Web-wise July 29-Aug 6

Web-wise July 29-Aug 6

Italian practice: writing love letters • Plan Your Route, Check Traffic Online • Biagio Antonacci’s Ballads — MP3 • Farm Holiday Database

Italian practice: writing love letters
Plenty of ideas & pre-written messages for the amorous who need a little help. Click on ‘personali’ for live chats with the editorial staff to help you say exactly what you mean…

Plan Your Route, Check Traffic Online
Calculate your route on the Italian autostrada — down to exactly which exit you want to get off or specifying which cities you do not want to pass through. Traffic information & rest stops…

Farm Holiday Database
Looking for a last-minute agriturismo? Check for prices & availability throughout Italy here. In English & Italian.

Biagio Antonacci’s Ballads — MP3
One of Italy’s enduring rock stars, on tour promoting his latest effort "Tra le Mie Canzoni", has put up a generous selection of tracks from his albums at the official site in MP3. Click on "discografia" then on the various album covers for track listings.

Like what you hear? To order:
Mi fai stare bene

Tutte le mie canzoni

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Web-wise July 22- 29

Italian practice: verb conjugator tool • Finding Events/Food Fairs • Rome’s Fashion Event • Italy’s Immigration Law: consequences & debate

Verb conjugator tool
If you can’t remember the difference in spelling between the conditional and the future or get stuck on the historic past tense, this free tool will become one of your favorite bookmarks…

Finding Events/Food Fairs/Markets
Looking for a food fest, market, or palio — some 6,000 events listed in this searchable data base…

Rome’s Fashion Event
Woman Under the Stars (Donna sotto le stelle) caps off Rome’s summer fashion shows, with some of the world’s most beautiful women tripping down the Spanish Steps in high heels. This year: Naomi Campbell, Laetitia Casta,Eva Herzigova and Italian beauties Claudia Koll and Martina Colombari…

Italy’s Immigration Law: consequences & debate
The recently-passed law on immigrants has caused much debate — making it harder for non-EU citizens to come to Italy while increasing permits for household help and companions to the elderly as well as starting the practice of fingerprinting newcomers who apply for a stay permit…

The debate (In Italian)

News background (in English)

The text of the law & government documents..(In Italian)

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Web-wise July 8- 16

Italian practice: what kind of traveler are you? • Summer Sales Calendar• Gianni Morandi: the eternal boy’s new album • Scholarships to study in Italy

Italian practice: what kind of traveler are you?
This simple test will develop your profile — adventure-seeking, traditional, better stay at home — a good way to practice & when your mind is on the beach!

Gianni Morandi: the eternal boy’s new album
Hear the first single ‘l’amore ci cambia la vita’ from this happy dinosaur of Italian pop..The album of the same name will be released in September, but hear a sample now…

Scholarships to study in Italy
Offered by icon, a consortium of Italian universities, these scholarships are for those of Italian origin (specifically from Calabria) to study at Italian universities. Deadline Aug. 10; for details: www.italicon.it/index.asp?SECTION=MNUINFO_HRN&SECTIONID=02&P=hrn/patronato_cont

Sales Calendar
Twice-yearly sales are upon us — but to get the latest in summer fashion keep in mind each region starts & ends the "saldi" at different times and this year in fashion capital Milan (Lombardy) they’re also quite short…

Lombardy 14-28 July

Lazio 13 July — 31 August

Veneto 15 July — 31 August

Tuscany 15 July –21 September

Sardinia 8 -July – 8 September

Sicily 13 -July – 23 September

Umbria 10 -July – 10 September

Can’t make it in July? Try this discount outlet database: www.corriere.it/speciali/outlet.shtml

Web-wise July 2- 8

Italian practice: the Leopard revisited • Ferrari — view the Enzo model • The Dandy is Back: Men’s Fashion

Ferrari — the Enzo model
Named after founder Enzo Ferrari, there’s no doubt this car stands out even among the best. A limited production, even for the Maranello house –only 349 will be made — the fortunate few to own it will be set back a cool 600-750,000 euro. Take a look, from the official unveiling…

The Dandy is Back: Men’s Fashion
Definitely dandy, albeit a bit disheveled — that’s one of the prevailing looks in menswear from recent Pitti 2002 and Milan shows…Take a look at Italian designer Antonio Marras slightly rumpled togs…

Click on "uomo" for a round up of the latest from Milan

Italian practice: "The Leopard" revisited
Adopted son Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi recounts the life of his father, prince Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in a revisited and expanded version of "Il Gattopardo." Read an interview with Lanza Tomasi, view the photogallery.

Web-Wise June 25-July 2

Festival: Singing Sister Duo is Back • Outlet Store Database •Italian practice: Meet Model Raphael Leonetti

Outlet Store Database
If you’re hunting for designer clothes, this is one of the best spots on the web to start. There’s a new section in English (with a rocky translation) & you can write in and ask the local expert if you can’t find what you’re looking for…

Meet Model Raphael Leonetti
Get to know this familiar face from Italian ads — and don’t miss the photo gallery…

"Festival": Singing Sister Duo is Back
Critics would’ve like to see slightly nasal sorelle duo Paola & Chiara take a break — but they’re back with another Latin-inspired dance hit..Sample some on their official website…

Web Wise June 17- 24

Virtual visit to Michelangelo Exhibit • Soccer Players Undressed • Summer Music Festivals • Italian practice: Government Guidelines to Getting Around Italy

Virtual visit to Michelangelo Exhibit
Michelangelo was a tough act to follow: though hardly a controversial concept, this exhibit in Florence takes a look at students and followers who were left in the shadow of the Renaissance artist. See it in Florence, Palazzo Strozzi, until Sept. 29.

Soccer Players Undressed
Back stage at the photo shoot the Italian national soccer team, the azzurri, did before heading to Japan..
Disproving the idea that the best moment of the world cup games are when players exchange jerseys when the game’s over…

Italian practice: Government Guidelines to Getting Around Italy
Notoriously a difficult country to master, the government of the Bel Paese recently launched this handy citizen’s guide for everything from having a kid, making a police statement to paying taxes.

Summer Music Festivals
If you’re coming to Italy in the next few months, be sure to take advantage a large array of concerts offered — you’ll catch international acts ranging from the Ray Gelato Giants to Jamiroquai as well as Italian stars like Zucchero and Francesco Tricarico.


Sounds of the Dolomites — new age



This year’s program should be online shortly — if you visit Rome, there’s something to take in almost every night.


Web wise June 11-18

La Scala Museum Reopens • Italian Practice: Love Advice • Listen in to Italian Reggae • Racy Italian Models

Italian Practice: Love Advice
Write in your love problems, read those of others, take a few quizzes…The name ‘TVTB’ comes from short message lingo for "ti voglio tanto bene."

Listen in to Italian Reggae
The good vibes from Italy are plentiful — check out the mellow sounds from groups like Africa Unite, Sud Sound System, Pitura Freska, Chop Chop, Reggae National Ticket and Giuliano Palma and the Bluebeaters…

Scala Museum Reopens
A few months later than promised, the collection of opera paraphernalia — including Lizst’s piano, Toscanini’s baton — is open to the public in a temporary location while the theater is being renovated for around three years. Across the street from Santa Maria delle Grazie (where Leondardo’s Last Supper lies) it’s a worth putting on the itinerary for a Milan stop — the stately palazzo adorned with neoclassic frescos is worth a look in itself and the surroundings are much less cramped than the original museum…Open Tuesday-Sunday from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Palazzo Busca, C.so Magenta 71. Tel. 02.43353521 Tickets 5 €
For a virtual tour of the collection & Palazzo Brusca…

Racy Italian (Car) Models
BBurago makes some of Italy’s best-known cars — in miniature. So if you haven’t the pocket change for that Lamborghini, check out the small scale type… In English & Italian.

Web-wise June 3- 11

Prada’s new Luna Rossa boat ? Italian Practice: Brum Brum–Vespa Travels ? Following the World Cup online
Following the World Cup online
Catch all the action via web. Forza azzurri!

The official World Cup site

Follow it with the Italians:





Italian Practice: Brum Brum–Vespa Travels
Follow authors and photgraphers on a four-year trip 254,000 kilometer around the world on Italy’s best-known scooter..Author interview in Real video, photo gallery, click on book cover for a sample and review…

Prada’s new Luna Rossa boat
The latest in high-tech sailing was just baptized by fashion maven Miuccia Prada, it’s now set to gear up for competition in the America’s Cup next fall in New Zealand. Read all about the 26-meter e.90 million boat, in English or Italian.

Web-wise May 28- June 3

Italian practice: study guides • Virtual Insults • Pavarotti & Friends for Angola • Celebrating Valentino

Italian practice: study guides
As Italian high-school students prepare to take graduation exams, take advantage of these excellent guides…

Virtual Insults
Try exercising your frustrations — or just read those of others who vent about the boss or the mother-in-law with this site that lets users "spit on" those plaguing them. All too realistic audio…

Pavarotti & Friends for Angola
This year Big Luciano teams with the likes of James Brown, Lou Reed, Gino Paoli, Raf, Elisa, Zucchero & Sting to benefit Angolan refugees. Starts at 8:45 PM local time May 28, broadcast on RAI uno..
Listen to the duets live with streaming audio…
Official site — largely empty…

Celebrating Valentino
A photo gallery honoring one of Italy’s most famous designers — and his signature red dresses worn by some of Hollywood’s brightest stars…