Five Inches Short: Italy’s Love Park Closed

A building code infraction of five inches closed Italy’s parking lot of love, about two weeks after it opened.

Instead of accepting the usual DIY certificate of the layout, inspectors took tape measure in hand to check out Luna Parking, in Bagnolo Cremasco about 25 miles southeast of Milan.

Turns out that although the 38 semi-covered stalls were fine, the distance between the security booth and the entrance wall is five inches too narrow. While they were at it, they discovered the bathroom signs were too high.

So they closed the place down.

Unusually precise Italian bureaucracy?

More likely that local Catholics, who staged a church vigil for park-n-ride sinners before the grand opening, had their prayers answered.

This is the latest safe place for nookie to shut down.

Marco Donarini, out €300,000 euros for the faulty lot of love, told papers he found the episode “incredible.”

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