Milan Fashion Week: Spaghetti for Anorexics

Take a model, not a super skinny one, and chuck her in a bathtub full of spaghetti sprinkled with tomatoes and basil. That’s an anti-anorexia message, right?

Fashion Week Bites

This is the latest lip service to the toothpick model scare as Milan buckles down (or up) for Women’s Fashion Week, which runs from Feb. 16-23, latest images from Milano Moda Donna here, calendar in PDF here.

The brainchild of up-and-coming designers Dario Di Bella and Giovanni Premoli, the stunt had the placet of city officials, who have previously made noise about losing the stick figures lurching down catwalks in Italy’s fashion capital.

“There’s no reason fashion models have to be a size four,” Dario Di Bella, who works for label Premoli, told Italian papers. “It wouldn’t change anything about the way the clothes look or the overall image of our brand. “

Rental mannequins on show for the almost-naked lunch were size eights, as will be the ones doing their little turns on the “young designers for young people” catwalk February 20, organized by the city, where Premoli will also show. No word about what happened to the pounds and pounds of unwanted pasta used to make the weighty statement.

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