SOS Playmate: Reality Show for Men Too Busy to Date


A new Italian reality show targets men who don’t have time for women, matching them up with ready-for-anything pin-up types.

The format is similar to “SOS Nanny,” although here instead of relieving harried parents, four scantily-clad young women lounge around, waiting for a call from a male in distress.

“Is too much work getting you down?” recites the trailer, “We’ll get you back up.”

According to the episode guide, they cook, clean, and, um, render some other light services, in various states of undress, visiting a pizza chef, an auto shop and bringing up morale in a plastic factory.

The show recently debuted late night on satellite channel FX. The original title is a less-than-subtle “SOS Patata,” or potato which translates loosely to a pet name for “vagina,” though it’s worth noting that in Italian the “c” word is a compliment, so it sounds worse in English.

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