Italy: Study or Work without Stay Permit

Foreigners can now live in Italy for study or work for up to three months without the dreaded stay permit (permesso di soggiorno).

This cuts in half the amount of bureaucratic headaches — paperwork, rules, lines and time — needed to be legal here.

Pinch of salt: the law (here’s a pdf, Italian only) went into effect May 28, 2007 and still awaits a ministerial decree to become operative.

Would-be expats would do well in coming months to carry a copy of the law with them to brandish in front of officials, who because they haven’t been briefed on the procedure with operatives tend to just say “no.”

Also keep in mind that living legally to study or work in Italy was a two-step process: requiring a visa from country of origin before leaving, then a stay permit after arriving in Italy. It’s unclear whether visas are still required or not — it may help to check with this widget at the Italian ministry of Foreign affairs first.

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