Milan Design Week: Pac-Man Bookshelf, Ghost Lamps


Graphic and industrial designer Mirko Ginepro came to my notice with the iPod table for last year’s international furniture fair.

Keeping in the pop-culture theme, this year’s effort for the fair’s fuori salone is a wooden lacquer book case in the form of a giant Pac Man, called Puckman (the original name of the video-game icon), with companion ghost lamps.

Ginepro was inspired by the enduring icon of Pac-Man, he spent long afternoons spent playing Pac-Man against his sister on a Commodore 64 — now he plays it on his iPhone.

If you’re in Milan, it’s at the Nhow Hotel in Via Tortona.
For info, prices etc., here’s his website.

Image courtesy @ Mirko Ginepro

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