Italy’s Miss Over 40 beauty contest


miss_overApparently, women of all ages adore the idea of parading around in a sash and crown–including grandmothers. Italy’s famed “Miss Over” contest for women who should know better–aged 40-60–is rustling up contestants for September’s pageant.

The application form doesn’t ask for measurements, but a special section is dedicated to plastic surgery. Would-be beauty queens are first asked to describe a hobby, favorite actor/singer and a lifelong dream. The last question: “Plastic surgery: yes/no If yes, specify: face, bust, other.”

Unlike contests for younger women, a nip or tuck is not prohibited in Miss Over, which started in Rimini in 1993. However, in the interest of fairness, the jury should be aware which contestants have a leg (or a chin or bust) up on the competition. Of contestants the organizers say: “these women maintain the enthusiasm of youth, the desire to be admired, maybe even by fibbing about some small re-touching, lift or ‘enhancement’ to their bodies.”

Some 900 women are braving the swimsuit and talent competitions to be in finals….

Check them out: Miss Over